Brazilian Butt Lift

Everything you need to know about BBL;

With this blog, we hope to educate our patients about what to expect when choosing BBL surgery.


We begin the assessment process by requesting images from our patients. Dr. Uckan would prefer to view the most images with good lighting and minimal clothing to make the perfect and most optimal assessment on each case. This is critical to ensuring that your assessment remains consistent after you arrive in person for the procedure. We include several questions in the assessment form to get a sense of the patients’ overall health and expectations.


Dr. Uckan writes all of the feedbacks himself after reviewing the forms that our patients provide us. As a result, depending on the schedule, this process could take up to 7 days. Even though there may be some delays while we wait for feedback, it is critical that we maintain this process as customized as possible. Dr. Uckan prefers to remember each patient and provide them with as much information as possible before they make a final decision about having this procedure. Your patient coordinator will share the initial feedback with you after he provides it. This step is for any further questions you may have. If you have any questions after reading the feedback, your patient coordinator will answer them or refer them to Dr. Uckan to ensure that everyone is informed about what to expect.


When our patients make their final decision and book, we receive a deposit to secure the quote that your patient coordinator offered you. The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from the total package price. We provide our patients 12 months to book a surgery date. When a mutually agreed-upon date is reached, your travel coordinator contacts you to inform you about the arrival and departure dates and times. Flight tickets can be purchased after they confirm the proposed flights.


Your patient coordinator will reach out to you around 4 weeks before the procedure to remind you about any last-minute updates or changes in your health. This step is required for Dr. Uckan to further inform our patients about any medications or supplements they may be taking. The recommendation will vary depending on the type of medication, for example. As a result, this must also be customized.

We provide our patients with two garments and one BBL pillow for BBL procedures. Bringing loose and comfy clothing, slippers, socks is always encouraged, and our patients prefer wearing tank tops under the garment to feel more comfortable. You will be in the hospital for three nights before being discharged, so you can bring books and tablets to keep yourself occupied during your stay. The remaining supplies will be delivered at no additional cost in the hospital.


Your travel consultant will provide you instructions on how to find your transfer at the airport when you arrive before your flight. When you arrive in Izmir, your driver will meet you at the airport and take you to your hospital to rest. You will be instructed not to eat or drink anything, including water, 9 hours before your procedure, which is midnight. Our translator and the hospital staff will assist you with finding your room and completing your blood tests so that they are ready for Dr. Uckan and our anaesthesiologist to see in the morning. After they are finished, you can relax and await the morning.


Dr. Uckan will visit you for a physical consultation at 8 a.m. on the day of your surgery. Dr. Uckan will discuss his goals for your operation and answer your questions in person during your session. The drawing will be made so that you are prepared for surgery. Once all of the specifics are finalized, your anaesthesiologist will visit you to obtain more medical background information. You will be ready for surgery after this stage.

Because Dr. Uckan only conducts one surgery each day, all surgeries are scheduled for 9 a.m. BBL operations last about 2-3 hours. After your procedure is over, you are returned to your room. Dr. Uckan will come to your room to inform you about the procedure and to ensure that you are comfortable. During your hospital stay, he schedules all medication via IV drips, and the nurses will adhere to that schedule. After your procedure, you will stay at the hospital for two nights. And, before you leave, our nurses will assist you in taking a shower and changing into a new garment.

Hotel & Departure:

Your patient coordinator will contact you if you require any assistance during the last few days of your stay. Our nurse is scheduled to see the patients throughout their hotel stay so that Dr. Uckan can be kept up to date on their progress. And Dr. Uckan sees his patients one day before their departure for a post-op consultation.

During this meeting, he goes over all of the aftercare instructions with the patients. Your patient coordinator will email you the instructions. In case you are asked at the airport, your flight to fly letter will be sent as well.

Your travel coordinator will arrange your transfer to the airport on the day of your departing flight and you will be taken to the airport by the transfer at the appointed time.

We prepared an interview with one of our patients to gain insight into the procedure from the patient’s point of view for all of our BBL patients. To learn more, watch Laura’s experience of her visit to our clinic. You can also reach out to our clinic via email or WhatsApp at any time for more questions.

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