We are based in Izmir, Turkey.

The duration will change depending on what surgery you are having but it’s usually around 5-7 nights.

The deposit is £500 to secure you quote.

No, we don’t offer finance. 

You can come within 12 months after the booking process.

Our all-inclusive package includes your operation, your hospital stays, hotel accommodation including breakfast and dinner, translation services, all VIP transfers in Izmir, pre-op consultation, pre-operative tests, post-op check-ups, all required medication, garments etc. Basically, everything except your flights.

Yes, you can. The guest fee is different for every package. You can consult your patient coordinator for more information.

Dr. Uckan will visit you for your pre-op consultation on the day of your day surgery and will answer any of your questions about your procedure.

Yes. All piercings must be removed before your procedure.

It is okay to have your period during your surgical procedure. This will not cause your surgery to be rescheduled.

Metal hair extensions must be removed before your procedure. If your extensions are not metal, these do not need to be removed. We strongly advise that you also remove eyelash extensions, acrylic nails, gel nails and nail polish.

Smoking is prohibited two weeks pre and two weeks post-surgery. This is to avoid any unnecessary complications, overall health, and recovery. Smoking significantly slows down your healing rates, can affect incisions healing and can reduce fat cell survival.

Unfortunately, even if your deposit has been received, we can only reserve the date of your surgery with a flight ticket. This is to prevent any inconvenience that might result from a change in the schedule.

Q&A by Dr. Uckan

Yes, if qualified for general anaesthesia.

Yes, you can but I generally prefer it as a second round for patients with such a desire.

Yes, a pair of garment and a BBL pillow is included in the package.

The holes for liposuction are 2mms wide. There are around 10 holes for a standard BBL. Most of the scars are hidden but there are 2-3 visible incisions with a bikini on.

No, I actually don’t advise post op massages that soon.

You can revise the travel package the way you wish. We also offer many extra services during your stay.

The price depends on the areas of Liposuction.

I don’t perform regular fat transfer into the breasts for a major augmentation due to the risks. I do limited fat transfer for breast contouring and touch ups.

BBL should not be combined with major breast, face, or body surgery due to recovery position. 

1 week rest at home and no sitting down for 6 weeks after your procedure.

They are sized in CCs. Not only the size but also the shape and base type are important for buttock implants. But the implant size is about the gluteus muscle size. 300cc round implants are commonly used.

No, to be honest firm skin is no good in terms of high volume fat transfer and fat graft survival due to post op high pressure.

Around 1/3 of the transferred fat dissolves (under ideal conditions) in 8 weeks after the procedure.

BBL aims for gluteal projection and hourglass figure. The result may vary depending on personal preferences therefore can be best decided with an assessment.

As soon as you feel fine. 1 week for light cardio and 6 weeks for regular gym exercises.

Possibly due to your overall fat ratio is going lower more than advised, transferred fat doesn’t dissolve this late. You should try gaining some weight and working out.

Possibly due to your overall fat ratio is going lower more than advised, transferred fat doesn’t dissolve this late. You should try gaining some weight and working out.

No problem but pregnancy would change your body with or without a BBL.

You can take 2 weeks off from work and you can use a BBL pillow for 4 weeks.

That will cause less fat to survive. It depends on many factors and few minutes is not a big deal but it’s not worth to try.

Low volume and/or limited area fat transfer refers to a Soft BBL procedure. The liposuction done is still a body contouring Hi-Def liposuction. The post-op pain is lower, and you can sit on the buttocks more compared to regular BBL

Technically no for the far but the skin on the operated areas may go wrong if the garments are too tight.

5 days to go back home, 1 week for soft exercise, 2 weeks to go back to work, 6 weeks to go back to all normal.

It is about your DNA, your age, life style etc. Good quality skin is firm with no stretch marks.

Of course but my first choice is the stubborn fat areas such as love handles, abdomen for a better fat survival.

People with Chronic Kidney Disease can have surgeries of course but I don’t prefer performing BBL for international patients with CKD.

Yes, we do. It’s not just about being skinny but having a sufficient body rat ratio, skeleton type, skin quality etc. 

Actually I prepare average morphs to see patients’ reaction, not to force the patient on what to expect. You can always guide me by telling me what’s in your mind as you see the simulation. It can be changed for sure.

I’m not a fan of super-big breast implants due to higher risks and long-term results. But around 1200cc implants are available as the biggest ones.

Yes, I do. With extra medical preventions and surgical modifications of course.

Sure. You should wait around 6 months once you get the filler in the tip area.

Rib is for framework and support while the ear is for surface defects. The nose and the patients’ expectations choose the graft type.


If you can’t find an answer to your question in our FAQs Spread Sheet, one of our customer service representatives is ready to answer your questions. You can either send us an e-mail at info@aliuckan.com or you can reach us at +90 552 835 55 26 via our Whatsapp number.